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STEAM Powered Workshops

What are STEAM Workshops

STEAM based workshops provide Design based learning.  Each 1.5 – 3 hour workshop encompasses a single hands-on project to complete and take home and makes for a unique and innovative experience.

Try Out the Many Options

From our hydraulics workshops to a cool hackathon workshops and even our drone building and racing workshops provide great STEAM powered experience.

Don’t Forget the “A” in STEAM

Cooking and Arts workshops offer options such as Holiday Baking Championships, Textiles and Mixed Media Design to “C” is for Canvas Painting and more..

Pop Up Open Lab

Want to experience what takes place in an IDEA Lab Workshop?  Held on a weekday after school, these Pop Up Open Labs are a perfect way to experience two different back to back classes spanning atleast two different subject selections from Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathermatics.   Sample Pop Up Open Labs include: 


  • Rumblin’ Robots 
  • Coding & Programming: Block Coding
  • Culinary Arts: Put the Fun in FUNDAMENTALS
  • and many more…

STEM + Arts = STEAM Workshops

STEM + Arts = STEAM workshops span the entire STEAM genre of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics and are a great way to experience these concepts in a FUN and Imaginative workshop setting. Sample Workshops include: 


  • Passport to STEAM Town: an Interactive Journey
  • The STEAM Team: A hands-on team-building experience
  • STEAM Stations: A one-stop shop

Project Focused Workshops

These are workshops are more indepth thus allowing for a much deeper understanding of the subject at hand.  These project focused workshops are 2-3 hour-long workshops that encompass a detailed study of the project at hand.  
Sample Workshops Include: 

  • Inner working of a hydraulic crane
  • Hackathon
  • Drone piloting workshop
  • Build your own Bluetooth weather station

Friday Night Workshops

Kids Night In and Parent’s Night Out!  IDEA Lab Kids’ Fridday night workshops are offered on select Fridays and provide custom STEAM based workshops.   Workshop + Dinner is included in this Friday night workshop.  Sample Workshops include: 


  • Minecraft ModShop
  • Holiday Baking Workshops
  • Mixed Media Art
What are IDEA Lab Workshops?

Held on weekends or some selected weeknights, our STEAM based workshops provide design based learning in a concentrated setting.  Each 1.5 – 3 hour workshop encompasses a single hands-on project to complete and take home and makes for a unique and innovative experience.

Workshops provides hand-on learning experiences from building drones to making fresh cookies. There’s no limits to what can be created. 

Age groups:

  • Sparks:  Kinder grade – First grade
  • Inventors: Second grade – Fourth grade
  • Innovators: Fifth grade – Eighth grade